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[From the Patema JP Blu-Ray special booklet]



Emily Graslie, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum in Chicago. Probably my favorite Chief Curiosity Correspondent of any museum.

Check out her YouTube channel, The Brain Scoop, devoted to exploring all aspects relating to the curious world of taxidermy, zoology, natural history museums, and the culture of animal preservation.

Someday I won’t be the only Chief Curiosity Correspondent. 

Can’t you imagine going to an annual “Conference of the Chief Curiosity Correspondents”?! We’d have it in a different Museum or collection every year and talk about discoveries and adventures 

maybe we could have themed uniforms with matching hats and vests 

and our own handshake or symbolic greeting

c’mon world, let’s get on this


what does tsuki even listen to

빛나는 AFTERNOON, 1:08 to 1:11


oliver wood is such an underrated character in harry potter he’s so funny man all he cares about is quidditch he literally sobs everytime they win and would rather have dementors get harry than lose a match his dialogue is so amusing i love u oliver wood


night swimming is good for your health

how to drink - kageyama style!

Lately I’ve gotten a lot of new followers and I just wanted to say thanks for the follow! I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS!!

Went on a walk and drew some rocks today


I WILL DO IT i will draw all the sugawara fanart 

though i do not know the way (or have the time)

I’m holding you to this. I NEED IT.